General – Frequently Asked Questions

You can call us or leave your message from our contact form to get information about our products.

For price quotation please contact us.

Yes, Audio’s products have TSE, TSEK and ISO9001 certificates. You can reach out to our certificates from  here .

For installation seminar please contact our Techical Support and Service department from here. Our Technical team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Smart Home – Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the easy-to-use technology of Audio Smart Home Systems, you can now control your home from anywhere. You can control the alarm system, lamp, curtain, blinds, TV, boiler, air conditioner, socket, gas valve, water valve and electric valve.

Audio Smart Home Systems has many advantages. Even when you are outside your home you can control the curtain, TV, socket and lighting. You can also save energy by controlling the boiler, air conditioner, electricity, natural gas and water valve. Thanks to the gas and smoke detector you are always aware of your home. For the safety of your family, your alarm system is always under your control.

Easy installation, user friendly, easy to use, users can create their own scenarios and manage the registered users in the system, technical service support and product quality compared to other systems is more advantageous.

Yes, while you are away from your home you can control your home from your mobile or from your tablet.

You can download Audio Smart Home application from Google Playstore or App Store.

Yes. In Audio Smart Home Systems, the end user manages their own scenarios. There are 6 scenario setting options. Scenario modes; ”At Home,” Outside ”,“ Night ”,“ Holiday ”,“ Personal 1 ”and” Personal 2 “. There is no need for any technical service to determine the scenario. You can change the contents of your scenarios yourself as you wish.

Audio Smart Home Systems are equipped with smart home, alarm and video intercom systems. Audio Smart Home Systems are equipped with video intercom and alarm for your home security. You can easily control your alarm from your home or mobile phone and ensure your safety.

Audio Smart Home Systems are suitable for all kinds of building structure. Since our system works independently from the building, you can easily use it in 1 or 1000 apartments.

Audio Smart Home Systems works in normal electrical or KNX systems

Audio Smart Home Systems works with special Audio OK4 cable (4 × 0.5mm).

Your electrical installer can install Audio Smart Home Systems. Installation of the system is done on the same day. System can be installed at every stage of construction.

12 volt and closed contact (Nc) sensors are preferred as 12 VDC vol or çalışan 24 VDC.

Audio Smart Home systems can be operated by installing special Audio OK4 cable in all kinds of electrical installations. You should also have Wi-Fi for internet in your home.

If you have lost your Internet, you can continue to use Audio Smart Home systems within the home. If you are outside your home and there is an SMS module on your system, the alarm information will be sent to you as an SMS.

As soon as your Internet connection arrives, the system will continue to run from previous settings.

From the moment the power comes on, the system will continue to run from previous settings.

Dynamic IP has been used in Audio Smart Home Systems. Therefore Audio Smart Home Systems fully protects your privacy.

System activation is carried out by official document that shows your residence. Re-activation of modem or cell phone changes is required in cases of relocation. This protects your security and privacy.

The modules of Audio Smart Home Systems are resistant to 16 amps, so they are much more durable and safer than other systems.

Audio Smart Home Systems can be used easily in BUS Plus or BUS Smart system.

Yes, you can do it in the Time Scenario section of our Smart Home system.

Audio Smart Home systems do not require a subscription fee.

Let us know immediately and we’ll be disconnected.

Yes, the old activation will be deleted as soon as the modem device to which the system is connected is changed. You can make a special activation to contact us.

Video Intercom - Frequently Asked Questions

With our new generation technology, our system is working with electronic communication which requires less cable and more features.

It may vary according to the preferred system. For detailed information, you can get information via phone 444 11 58 or make free discovery.

The video intercoms work in the structure of a pass through or interconnected system.

Audio video intercoms are suitable for every building.

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