Audio Elektronik has been the leader of the intercom  industry since 1979 by its innovative technology.  Audio has a wide range of intercom solutions for houses and business centers.Product range contains Smart Home Solutions, Video Indoor Units, Audio Door phones and Telephones.

Audio has started its “Change Management” project in 2000 and continues to establish a global brand by developing innovative products. Audio continuously follows the technology and invests in R&D and new product development to satisfy the needs of its customers with quality awareness.

Audio manufactures in global standards with a humanist and environmentalist approach besides its technological innovation and quality management. In Turkey with a 6000 m2 factory, Audio is the first manufacturer of intercom and smart home products.

Audio continuously develops its manufacturing technology to offer better products and services to its customers since 2001. Audio defines its own quality management system as “An efficient system that aims to ensure quality in all company wide processes to satisfy customer needs.” ISO 9001:2015 certificate is not the last stop for Audio in terms of its quality journey.

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