Audio’s Principles

“Audio is an organization with integral quality, teamwork and efficiency principles by aiming innovative technology, continuous growth and globalization. Audio manages resources with efficiency and believes in social responsibility, corporate justice and equality by being a transparent organization.”

  • Integral Quality
  • Team Work
  • Resource Management and Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Technology Focus
  • Continuous Growth
  • Globalization
  • Management
  • Corporate Justice and Equality
  • Transparency
  • Accountability

Audio’s Values

“Audio respects people, work and society. In all processes, Audio focuses on customers by being open to change and development. Audio sets global standards in terms of speed, productivity and cooperation. Audio is an organization that works with empathy and sets high personal quality.”

  • People and Respect
  • Respect for the Society and Environment
  • Customer Focus
  • Change, Development and Sharing
  • Speed
  • Productivity
  • Cooperation
  • Empathy
  • Personal Quality
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