Human Resources

In fast growing and changing today’s world, in order to be competitive, focus of all business operations must be on human resources to take action on right time and place by employing qualified professionals.
Audio, with its team, is aiming to grow by providing products and services to satisfy customers and achieve global quality standards. Audio is determined to be reliable, persistent and prestigious to our society, customers and distributors including its shareholders.
Human resources policy has been formed with this vision to achieve the support of employees with efficiency and continuity in line with Audio’s strategic plan and goals. In this scope;
  • Providing a qualified, peaceful and friendly working environment that shares personal and corporate values.
  • Maintaining education practices to continuously improve the knowledge, capabilities and behaviors of our employees.
  • Ensuring continuous development of our employees to contribute company goals such as efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • Appreciating and rewarding highly performing employees.
  • Keeping the organization structure dynamic and open to change, in line with company’s strategic plan and goals.